EBR Member Services

Subscribing to the EBR

All lists at Bronco.com are maintained by an automated program. This is to ease the burden on all of our overworked subscription moderators. Running a list takes work! All of the Majordomo basic email commands are very easy to use. If you prefer, you may also use a WWW based forms interface for issuing Majordomo commands.

If you wish to subscribe to the EBR mail list simply fill out the bio form and press the submit button. It will automatically be mailed to an administrator, and if everything is correct, you will be signed up to the list within a week. Please read the EBR Info Sheet; this is your list now too. You may also subscribe to a digest version of the Early Bronco Report. The digest version is a summary of all EBR messages and is mailed out about once a day. It is designed for those cyberfolks who prefer to receive a single message summary. This is designed to be more convenient for people with busy or erratic schedules.

Ensure that every line of the bio is filled in. If a line does not apply to you (rare) then fill in DNA. An incomplete BIO will be automatically returned to you.

WARNING - Though this list is invaluable to owners of EB, you need to realize that subscribing to the real time mode will produce a fairly large volume of e-mail. There are times when this list will generate 100 messages in a 24 hour period. If you can not handle this volume, please don't subscribe. Also please do not subscribe if you have a low capacity mail box, i.e. will only allow 100 messages. You will start bouncing mail the first time you don't check your email.