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About the EBR

Welcome to the Early Bronco Report (also known as the EBR-NET)! This is the only list on the Internet dedicated strictly to the 1966-1977 Ford Bronco.

This list originated in the winter of 1994. We currently have over 200 members; some are very active contributors while many simply read and enjoy. Our Broncos range from small to tall, and from lean to mean. List members drive everything from stock, museum quality units to all-out, firebreathing off highway only trucks.

List Netiquette

This list enjoys a high signal-to-noise ratio and we'd like to keep it that way. Please discuss issues dealing specifically with the Bronco(parts, etc.) or items of general interest that are directly related to Bronco owners(events, trail rides). Feel free to post classifieds regarding parts for sale and parts wanted for your Early Bronco.

Posting a Message

To post a question or comment to the list, send your post to:

When you post to the list, everybody on the list will get your message, including yourself. You can also reply to posts to the list by using the "reply" function of your email system. Most email systems will add ">" in front of the original message when you hit the "reply" key. If your system does not do this, please add the ">" in front of the original message in your reply so readers will be able to keep the original post and your reply separated. To save bandwidth, keep only those portions of the original message you are responding to in your reply. Also, remember to delete individual addresses from the header when replying. This ensures that the original poster will not receive duplicate messages.

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Posting Binaries

Many list members have requested that large files such as bitpmap images NOT be posted directly to the list. This is because of disk quotas and/or slow links.

Instead, we recommend that you post a message describing the binary and offer to mail it to anyone who requests it directly from you. Often some nice soul on the list will place the binary on a web site.


If you need to temporarily unsubscribe for vacations, etc., please let send mail to the following address.

Email Failures

Inevitably, a system failure somewhere results in bounced mail. If massive amounts of bounced mail appears, you will be unsubscribed from the list. We will sometimes send a "notice of deletion" to the offending address, but because the address is usually in trouble already, the offender will not receive the notice.

The bottom line is that if you suddenly find yourself off the list, it's likely there's been a problem and you've been temporarily deleted. In which case you need to let us know at:

Buying and Selling Parts

The EBR has and continues to be a great source for Early Bronco parts and accessories. If you need something, there is bound to be somebody who has it. Since very few of us have ever physically met and developed a "close" relationship, our instincts about others on the list are basically derived from what we read from them on the list. As with all relationships, it is possible that you will "BURNED" when selling a part to somebody on the list. Somebody may send you a bad part, fail to pay you for a part, or their check may bounce, etc. If you feel you have been "BURNED" by someone on the list, PLEASE contact Jacques Garden, and Jacques only, with your complaint. Jacques will try to mediate the situation and serve as a disinterested third party. If guilt is established, the offendee will be deleted from the list, so as not to "BURN" others. All complaints will be kept completely confidential between the two parties involved and Jacques.

The Early Bronco Registry

There is an association of Early Bronco Owners with the same initials as the Early Bronco Report, although the list is not associated with the Registry in any way except that many list members are also EBR members.

Please take note that the editor of the Early Bronco Registry newlsetter is a reader of this forum, and will often use reprint material from the net. If you do not wish any of your posts used, you must specifically state so in your post OR you must send a note to:

Steve Sampson

To quote from the EBR membership literature,

"The EARLY BRONCO REGISTRY is an Association for individuals, families, clubs, and businesses dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the 1966-77 "Early" Ford Bronco. You'll find approximately 1000 members throughout the U.S. and Canada".

If you would like more information on the Registry including a membership application, please contact Steve Sampson at:

Email us at:
Many thanks to our Contributors.
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