EBR Member Bios

Kirk Membry
Location Moretown, Vermont
Vehicle Year77
ColorBrown, white hard top
Engine302 V8
Brakesfront disc, rear drum
Suspensionsee mods
Custom Mods.Roll Bar 23 gallon rear tank (works nice with the 11g. aux!) dual shocks all wheels (the 9000 series, can't think of the make, they have the adjustable settings on them) 8 shocks is EXPENSIVE! old f-150 front springs, because this baby has a winch on it, which doesn't work, but the weight pulled the front down, now it's all leveled!
Club Affiliationsnone
4WD Intereststo restore as best I can
Recommended Trailsdon't ride 'em because I drive alone, although my brother has a 94 Wrangler but no winch
How You Found UsWeb Page : homepage.databank.com/~kmembry/ (I'm going to add a Bronco section, but I have to get the time to do that)
Web PageNone