EBR Member Bios

Matt Liggett
Location Bloomington, IN
Vehicle Year74
ColorBrown, White hardtop (removed), Black vinyl top
Transmissionstock 3spd manual
Brakesstock drums
Axlesnot sure
Tires7.50-15LT (or something like that).. tall skinny snow tires
Custom Mods.vinyl top is all so far
Club Affiliationsnone
4WD InterestsI bought the truck initially to drive as a winter vehicle, for hauling things, and to drive when my other car is down. Offroading is a secondary concern until my money situation stabilizes. For further info, see http://seven.ucs.indiana.edu/~mliggett/bronco.html
Recommended TrailsThe truck has not yet been offroad in my hands
How You Found UsA post to rec.autos.4x4
Web Pagehttp://seven.ucs.indiana.edu/~mliggett/