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Brighter Headlights

Here is a quick and easy way to put more light in your path. This is one of the easiest and cheapest modifications you can do to your rig.

Here is an ascii diagram of the modification:

in-dash Battery switch
light switch | o-------------|) high beam
             | | \
round        | o-------------|) low beam
             | |

Here are the directions:

Cut the red-yellow wire which goes from the in-dash light switch to the foot switch. Use the end coming from the in-dash switch for the trigger/control input to the relay. The other end which goes to the foot switch comes from the output of the relay.
Run a wire from the battery through a in-line fuse to the relay input line.
Run a wire from ground for the relay's ground connection.
Tap into the low beam line and run a wire from it to the relay output line.

What this does is only uses your in-dash switch for the control voltage to the relay so it still turns the lights on and off. Any time your lights are on high beam the low beams will also be on, giving you more light.

You'll need a continuous duty relay rated at around 30 amps and an inline fuse for about 20 amps depending on what wattage bulbs you're using.

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