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James Duff kit

This conversion kit features all the hardware necessary to perform the swap and you can purchase it with or without the steering box. The remainder of the components in this kit are: steering box mounting bracket, a rebuilt power steering pump with mounting bracket, a new adjustable drag link, necessary hoses and belt.

The James Duff kit, PN 3250, is based on the Ford F-150 two-wheel-drive steering box and comes complete with pump, belts, hoses, brackets and adjustable drag link. Kit does require some welding. Installation shows the adjustable drag link and steering box, pump, hoses, steering shaft and belt in position. Note that box mounts to the inside of the framerail.

You will then have to supply a two-sheeve crank pulley and water pump from a Ford truck that has been equipped with a 302 V8. The stock steering shaft is then cut less than an inch and a new pin hole drilled. The part number for the conversion kit with steering box for '66-75 Broncos is 3250, while the kit without steering box is part No. 3275.

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